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PIE ! A playful approach to invention

Thursday, September 20th, 2007 | Online, Workshops for Teachers | Comments Off on PIE ! A playful approach to invention

PIE is “Playful Invention and Exploration” – or integrating engineering with artistic expression. Their web page is a treasure chest for any maker.

Lightplay at PIE
Lightplay. This is one of their awesome art projects. Also try “marble machines”, the animations on the page are a joy to watch.

New Light Traces

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007 | Light Traces | Comments Off on New Light Traces

Noel came in for a Light Traces session this weekend. After experimenting with light traces for a long time I was excited to work with a POI artist! He is also a math teacher and I learned to know him through our hands-on teacher workshops here at the Explo.

Have a look at the first pictures we did (on flickr). The theme is “geometry” – which is also the topic of the exhibits I am currently working on. Click on the picture to see more samples and instructions:
Noel doing light tracesP1020830

Want more?
A while ago I did “Light Traces of Baseball” with Amy Snyder, a professional Photographer! Here is another Flickr Set: Light Traces of Baseball. Enjoy.

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